Revolution is in the air… the pandemic functioned as a catalyst to abrupt twists in a number of industries, and has caused many rippling effects through the policing of lockdowns, social distancing and travel restrictions.

The economic effect seemed to hit all at once though, with mass-layoffs. All throughout, the stock market continued to be profitable — even more than before — and the two richest Men on earth almost doubled their wealth…
If anything, people have understood that the institutions that claim to care for them can let them down at any moment.

“Everyone for themselves and the devil…

Mostly these days, we are preoccupied with the direct consequences and the collateral damage the pandemic has caused. For one thing we are in midst of a severely disrupted economy and a disturbed workforce, but we must not forget that there are other phenomena that have emerged long before the pandemic. We need to keep track of them, and turn them around for the better.
So, what’s up with the college graduates of this generation?

When I was still in high school, there was already an emerging trend toward higher education. Manual labour and clerk jobs were chronically underpaid, strenuous…

San Marco — Venice

I have started writing this very article many times.
In my research I inevitably come to a point where one can only speculate. While scientific research in neuroscience and behaviourism give some insights, it is most definitely not a topic that has been elucidated in an encompassing manner. I wonder why that is. It is most definitely a question that keeps coming up in my head…

There are a number of scientific principles that invariably play a role in success — and also failure — which I shall mention first. …

Crises are a peculiar phenomenon. When you’re in it, one wishes for it to seize. But having survived one, usually equips us with the important life skills.

It is for this reason that crises — with all the uncertainty and difficulties they bear — are also a chance for new ideas to emerge, to facilitate change and progress, and for innovations to flourish.

The global pandemic has had its own outline of mentioned characteristics. While the world had to handle (and still is handling) the immediate damage to human life and the economy, governmental policies contained the worst outcomes, and…

Catachresis is — according to the dictionary — a rhetorical term for the inappropriate use of one word for another, or for an extreme, strained, or mixed metaphor often used deliberately. This holds up for a lot of things. A couple of examples:

1. there was never any cream in carbonara sauce — now it has become synonymic for cream sauce

2. If you feel sick, you’re not “nauseous” you are “nauseated” if you are nauseous, you are nausea-inducing yourself

3. Entry-level jobs are not supposed to request 2–4 years of professional experience.

The definition of entry-level jobs according to…

What happened at the beginning of the Pandemic

Just when the world slowly came to realize that the Coronavirus already had the globe in a tight grip, a first wave of CoVid-19 related deaths were registered as a first “big hit” on civilization. The second big hit was on the economy.
As the countries responded with precautionary measures to help constrain the virus, the market responded with mass-layoffs in order to constrain growth losses from expected revenue-dips.
36 Million U.S. Americans filed for unemployment at the onset of the pandemic, whereas European countries tried to avoid mass-layoffs like these with direct governmental support.

Observably, a great number of…

This pandemic has been tough on literally everyone. If we were convinced that someone out there had a plan at hand, the pandemic has shown quite clearly that no one knows what the heck is going on.

While all in dire need to find ways out and around occurring issues, we are trapped in a perpetuation of looking for solutions amidst the very circumstance that is causing them — like social distancing, the consequent isolation, and its effects.

It is especially important to analyze what we are facing now since there are a couple of challenges that are appearing on…

As it has been iterated many times before, we are all sick and tired of the many application platforms where one has to perform the tedious task of feeding all your CV data into various systems. Instead of just uploading a document you are requested to type your name, birthday, address a hundred million times, over and over again.

Sharing ones personal information repeatedly doesn’t make it any less objectionable over time, and there is always a moment of hesitation regardless of the job that is offered.

After I have been in the process of job hunting myself for a…

Still learning. I tell you what I find out along the way.

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